AJ Carlisi

Rough Outing at Boyd's Speedway

September 16, 2017

We really struggled Saturday night to get the car to turn due to having a really hooked up and rough track. We worked on the car all night throwing adjustments at it to try to get the car to turn and we ended up qualifying 18th of 23 cars. We continued to adjust on the car for the feature and got the car turning much better at the start of the race. We worked our way to the bottom line and began picking up a few positions. At lap 20 of 25 we were running in 9th when a car slowed and pulled immediately to the bottom of the track in front of us and left us without any option other than the lock down the brakes. We lost 3 positions in this encounter and lost too much time 

Dixie Speedway- Spring Championships 2017

April 8, 2017

We had a great night at Dixie Speedway for our first race at the facility. We started off quick right off the trailer and ended hot laps with the 3rd quickest time of 16 cars on hand. The car drove great so e left it alone and did not make any changes for qualifying. During qualifying I was having difficulty seeing my line going into turn 3 so on both laps I under drove turns 3&4 which caused us to lose a lot of time and speed. We ended up 6th after qualifying which is where we would start for the feature event. Right off the bat at the drop of the green flag we battled hard on the outside of the 3rd-5th place cars. Through all the cautions throughout the 20 lap event and the battle with our own blistered rear tires we continued battling hard on the outside and ended the night with a very solid top 5 finish. We learned a lot about how the car changed over the course of the night and are excited to get back to Dixie again and improve our finish on May 6th.

Boyd's Speedway Shamrock Event

March 18, 2017

Saturday we headed to Boyd's Speedway for the 2017 Shamrock event with a good field of 16 cars. The track made us  hot lap and qualify all at once which made us be on our A game. We ended up having a real snug car but we ended up 9th out of the 16 car field. Due to there only being 16 cars and the track getting a late start on the night, we had our heat races taken away. In the first turn on the first lap the entire field had a pile up in turns 1&2. Fortunately we didn't have any major damage and were unable to continue. On the restart the leader chose not to fire which caused a chain reaction through the field which resulted us with some heavy right front damage that ruined the handling on our car. We ended up finishing 6th and will look forward to racing at Dixie Speedway on April 8. 

First Trip to Dixie Speedway

March 4, 2017

We made our first trip to Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, GA Saturday night for their pre-season practice in preparation for their March 11th Southeastern Classic race. We unloaded great and had a tremendous amount of speed right away in the first round of practice. We spent the first two rounds just learning the track and figuring out how to drive it but we were extremely impressed with the kind of speed the car had. We made a few small changes here and there throughout the night before calling it a night. We left the track very pleased and had a blast at the track for our first time. We will be back at Dixie Saturday night on March 11.

Craig Reece Memorial $3,500 to Win at Boyd's Speedway

October 29, 2016

This past Saturday we attempted the Craig Reece Memorial $3,500 to win crate race at Boyd's Speedway. It was by far the toughest night we have had this year with 47 stout race cars. For us to be in the lower tier group of cars on hand for the night, we were extremely pleased with our efforts. We were fairly quick in hot laps after a lot of changes to the car since our last race which left us feeling good for qualifying. We qualified mid-pack which put us started 6th of 11 in heat number 4 as we needed to finish top 5 to transfer to the main event. We misinterpreted track conditions and fought hard but came up 2 positions short of a transfer position. Although we missed the race, we know where our struggles are and know how to improve for our next big event again at Boyd's Speedway on November 18 & 19. Thanks you The Oakwood Cafe, GenTech Construction, and everyone for their overwhelming support as we try to finish out our season on a high note.